We are Alison and Jill, the best friends
who were called "Joy Breeders" many moons ago and decided to roll with it.



Our story began in 2011 when we were introduced through a mutual connection, forming an unbreakable bond that would shape our lives forever.

We quickly become known for our wild, playful, and carefree nature, being referred to as women who embodied the spirit of childlike fun. The more people watched our mostly silly, and sometimes sentimental, videos on social media,the more we were told that we helped them to feel safe living more authentically. Honestly, is there a greater honor than to be inspiring others in that way?!

The universe continued to weave
a magical thread, as we both welcomed our daughters on Valentine's Day, a year apart.
The remarkable coincidence not
only deepened our connection,
but also affirmed our belief in the power of destiny.


A few years later, life presented us with
new challenges (or opportunities?) as
both of us experienced divorces. Keeping
in line with our lighthearted and
humorous nature, we proclaimed
ourselves "non-sexual life partners"
(NSLPs), pledging to navigate the world side
by side until we die... at the same time... of course.

The Birth of MOIST

In late 2022, Jill underwent foot surgery on both feet simultaneously. Alison guffawed at Jill's ridiculous determination to take care of herself, and went to care for her. That's when MOIST entered the proverbial room.

Alison had been making the concoction for her boyfriend, who suffered from a skin condition called ichthyosis, which keeps skin from retaining moisture. She was fed up with watching him unsuccessfully try to treat it with chemical-infused lotions. She knew there had to be natural, organic ingredients that could help.

Jill's immediate obsession with the butter cream served as a testament to its remarkable effectiveness. Encouraged by the enthusiastic feedback from friends and family to whom Alison had gifted the butter cream during Christmas, Alison recognized the potential of the creation. With every recipient urging them to share it with a wider audience, Alison and Jill embraced their entrepreneurial spirit and decided to launch Joy Breeders.


our mission

At Joy Breeders, our mission is to unleash an explosion of happiness and creativity by curating a vibrant collection of handmade products that boldly challenge the power of words widely considered to be "taboo."

With a playful spirit and a touch of whimsy, we strive to redefine societal norms, fostering a community that celebrates authenticity, imagination, and genuine connections. Through our carefully crafted offerings, we aim to reclaim and transform words that have been stigmatized, infusing them with joy, humor, and a sense of liberation. We provide a lighthearted and welcoming space where women artisans fearlessly showcase their unique creations, spreading mirth and dismantling the shackles of societal constraints.

Join us on this exhilarating journey
as we breed joy, one handmade treasure at a time, and empower each other to embrace our true selves while joyfully subverting the limitations imposed by taboo notions. Let's rewrite the narrative, celebrate our individuality, and revel in the power of laughter and happiness without boundaries.